Overweight problems


Effective natural weight loss programs:
Slimming by 10-25 kg for 3 months of taking herbal decoctions or powders.
Without diets and sports! A stable result.

The first program: Especially for you, individually, a decoction of herbs and plants is prepared according to the recipes of traditional Korean medicine, which will help you lose weight without diets quickly and forever (3-8 kg per month).

Principle of action: The decoction effectively reduces the appetite, thereby decreasing the volume of food taken each time and, as a result, the size of the stomach decreases. What ultimately develops the habit of eating properly. The broth cleaves fats and removes toxins WITHOUT physical exercises; Helps with hypertension and hyperlipemia (increased content of neutral fats in the blood); Reduces cholesterol and swelling; Prevents obesity of the liver;

Promotes the prevention of female and male diseases; Helps with pain in the lower back, violation of the menstrual cycle, constipation; Improves the urinary system, prevents cystitis; Relieves stress (irritation, insomnia and anxiety).

The broth is taken 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals; The program is designed for 3 months. (every month a different composition of herbs is prepared). You can start a program from 15 days or more.

The second program: for those who can refuse breakfast and from dinner, these are 3 types of herbal powders made by pharmaceutical companies in South Korea. Assigning powders instead of breakfast and dinner, and taking regular food only for lunch (7 packages a day). These powders effectively reduce appetite and promote the burning of fats. They give the necessary energy and nutrition to the cells of the body and cleanse the gastrointestinal tract, liver and bile ducts. In addition, the powders restore the work of all body systems. You can start the program with 15 days or more.

Both programs for weight loss bonus are accompanied by sessions in a thermal infra-red saline vibro-massage chamber 2 times a week, which is a very effective procedure for strengthening the tone of the skin, muscles and internal organs..

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