Individual treatment of "Khan-Yag", "Po-Yag"



In ancient Korean medicine, there have always been doctors who create recipes for medicinal decoctions from various diseases according to the individual characteristics of the human body. This was the privilege of emperors, aristocrats and palace nobles.

All the ingredients of the decoctions of the natural mountain vegetation of Korea. This broth will heal you of most of the existing ailments, bring all the systems of your body into balance, restore it, strengthen your immunity and give vitality.


This is a natural medicine, which is prepared according to ancient secret recipes from expensive natural ingredients. It can be plants, roots, horns of marals, ginseng, and many other secretions of the rare flora and fauna of the mountains and seas of Korea, Japan and China. Always expensive and precisely effective medicine can be in the form of broths, powders, thick honey or expensive dragees wrapped in platinum, gold or silver.

Everyone who is weak, undergoing surgery, recovering from illness or stress, feeling fatigue or pressure of age, recommended to have this medicine. It is also very useful for old people, children, pregnant and lactating women for the resistance of the body to viruses and colds.

Today in our medical center you can order your personal healing medicine, prepared especially for you. You can order for yourself individually.

You just need to make an appointment with our doctor, Lee Jae Won.

After talking with you, the doctor will create your individual recipe and prepare.


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