Oriental Neuro-microwave therapy


Neuro-microwave therapy "Pal Chedile" working on 8 points of impact corresponding to the physiology of the patient, this therapy determines the individual characteristics of your body, thus effective in treating scoliosis, facial asymmetry; improves the condition of the problem skin, reduces the pores, restores the normal shape of the spine, skull and muscles, prevents dementia, increases sexual energy.

Since 80% of the lymph nodes are in the internal organs, neuro-microwave therapy directed specifically at this area contributes to effective weight loss.

Corrects bony curvature and muscle nodules, strengthens immunity, promotes the recovery of the body in a natural way;

Helps accelerate lymph flow, balances the production of hormones;

It gives vitality to the skin, giving it shine and elasticity;

Restores the musculoskeletal balance;

Strengthens the protective function of the body;

Restores atrophied joint, improves lymphatic function;

Regulates the autonomic nervous system, relieves stress, strengthens sleep and much more.


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